Organising A Lady’s Sangeet Or Mehndi Party


A Lady’s Sangeet is really a pre marriage ceremony often a couple of days prior to the Indian Wedding. Buddies and Family will combined efforts to sing suhaags, traditional boliyan or korian having a dholki. Laghan Entertainment can offer a Punjabi Singer sing the suhaags or korian with dholki. Also Giddha Performers or Bhangra Performers could be hired out.

Ladies Sangeet is an exciting and fun event, A well known theme for pre wedding occasions, is really a lush Mehndi theme, with low seating, plush cushions, deep reds, burnt oranges, cerise pinks, and lovely fabric, with this particular we can produce a intimate atmosphere, that will set the scene for dancing, singing and clapping! When organizing a lady’s sangeet or mehndi party think about the following:

1) Good sitting arrangement (Good space) , sangeet ceremony ought to be locked in big hall type of place.

2) Prepare listing of marriage songs.

3) Make certain music and DJ arrangement is great.

4) Some kind of snacks ought to be serve among sangeet.

5) Beautiful ethnic dress.

6) Good decoration of ceremony hall.

7) Remember dholki and spoon for enjoying dholiki as traditional traditions of indian wedding.

Throughout the Ladies Sangeet the women might also have mehndi applied. Laghan Entertainment offer the mehndi decor for that perfect mehndi setting for example mehndi cushions, candle lamps, sarahis.