Krakow Stag Party – Tips For Arranging A Action Packed Stag Weekend In Krakow


Drop-dead beautiful Krakow is Prague’s nearest rival for excellent looks. It is among the handful of European metropolitan areas to possess emerge from The Second World War comparatively untouched and it is Old town, myriad stone places of worship and forts and medieval square have continued to be gloriously untouched.

In excess of five centuries the seat from the Polish kingdom, Krakow is Eastern Europe’s bohemian capital. Similar to the great past through the late 19th and early twentieth century, if this was the bottom of the Moda Polski or youthful Belgium movement, which fostered a revival of literature, art and structures.

Krakow Seat of Nobleman

The centerpiece of Poland’s second town is Wawel Castle, the seat of Polish nobleman between your eleventh and 17th centuries. But equally arresting is Rynek Gwny, the biggest square in the united states, that is fringed by medieval places of worship, the dual-towered St. Mary’s Basilica and also the grand Cloth Hall. Nearby may be the 100,000 strong Jagellonian College that was opened up in 1364.

However it’s within the cobbled walkways and arrow lanes from the Old town that you could find greater than 300 cafes, subterranean clubs, chic bars and lounges in addition to scrumptious pierogi and great Polish piwo or ale for under a coke and water in other huge worldwide metropolitan areas.

There are other bars per square meter within the Old town than you will find elsewhere on the planet. For each bar there’s in the pub level, there’s another upstairs and lower within the basement. Altogether, which makes it incredibly convenient for any led bar crawl on the Krakow stag do.

Alternative Art Scene in Krakow

Southeast from the Old town, the previous Jewish district of Kazimierz may be the hub from the city’s alternative art and restaurant scene. Kazimierz has already established its share of tragedy and loss, also it was the setting for Spielberg’s movie, Schindler’s List. The video restored curiosity about the Jewish culture and kosher restaurants and galleries in addition to innovative, sleek and funky bistros have opened up up.

Alchemia was among the first handful of bars to spread out here and it is atmosphere continues to be deliberately tweaked to provide an aura of bohemian decadence. Bands and live functions from all across the globe are featured here and it is walls are regularly decorated using the works of local artists. Meanwhile, Schindler’s old factory will be switched right into a museum.


Krakow Activities

For excellent music within a stag do, your search is over. Krakow includes a great status for jazz and a few of the smoothest could be heard at Piec Art. Czasem Trzeba Pub is a common student hangout and an excellent place to locate youthful Polish women with chiseled cheekbones and impossibly lengthy legs. Cynamon Caf is really a funky lounge whereas Cien Club, within the basement from the Lubomirski Palace, is jam-full of beautiful people.

Not merely will you’ve got a full dance card during your stag do, the times could be pretty full too. We’ve numerous challenges including sphereing, golfing, yachting lower river on the wooden raft a la Huckleberry Finn, vodka tasting, go karting as well as other types of artillery practice by having an AK-47 or perhaps a machine gun.

Or take our visit to Auschwitz for something new of rate before striking the stag do circuit again with this vodka tasting tour, in the finish of which you’ll not have the ability to differentiate between wheat, rye or bison grass vodka.